Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer Adam Starr's work has been showcased on major broadcast and cable networks and theatrically. His concentration is on strong original cinematic imagery. As such, much of his work is executed through the format of music videos; he's created music videos for Country, Hip-Hop, Gothic, and Pop artists. Adam also works heavily in visual effects, animation and 3D for web, TV and cinema alike.

In 2007 his work was awarded "Best Documentary" in a 2007 HBO Film Competition for "Lest We Forget-The Black Holocaust" a film which he directed, photographed and edited. His film work has also been featured in numerous film festivals across the world.

Aside from motion picture arts, Adam works in nearly every other visually-artistic field. He works as an illustrator and graphic designer of CD and DVD packaging, books, posters and magazines and has won several awards for his graphic arts. Adam also is involved in the artistic design, building, painting and lighting of haunted houses. During time spent away from the cameras, lights and computers, Adam studies history, the sciences, permaculture and sustainable building techniques. He lives in Southern New Hampshire in a self-built "eco-house."

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