Rob Slocum, a Massachusetts native, is no stranger to acting - or hard work. He established a busy general contracting corporation, with side trips into sales training, event planning, and fundraising. All of it seasoned with a natural instinct for entertaining. "Sales training" Slocum says, "teaches you to be persuasive and believable – among the silver keys to good acting." Additionally, having a track record in industries other than acting allows for the development of patience, determination, good interpersonal relations, direction-taking, and respect.

With varied life experience and a passion for the movies (working as a background actor in Warner Brothers’ 2000 film The Perfect Storm), Slocum decided to follow a dream to see whether his comedic streak, native-Boston accent, and skills as a singer/musician might be the start of a second career. They were; The six-foot-two actor, who landed a gig in a New England Patriots TV spot, was chosen to work on the set of The Zoo Keeper (MGM), and The Fighter (Paramount Pictures), slated for release respectively in 2010 & 2011.


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