Justin Karoway-Waterhouse

Justin has been working with Zone 5 Pictures since its conception back in the early 90's. He specializes in steering films away from the mainstream currents of the time, thereby insisting upon making films that no one likes.
Justin works most often as an actor but also participates heavily in story writing, plot development and the composition of music for film scores.
Justin is a college drop out (citing conspiring teachers as his "excuse"), but is an accomplished carpenter's apprentice and farmer. Justin's interests include the following list of activities:
  • religis studies
  • klown reserch
  • abandond carnivul x-ploarashun
  • tranghendenshil suerjury
  • thinking of dum stuf
1995 Willie hiker
1997 Lost Cause Large
1998 Head Master friends
1998 Trabajo wimp
1999 Feelers Gabe
1999 Alcoholica Director
1999 Mannikin Husband
1999 Discovery Channel:"Last of the Neanderthals" Neanderthal
2000 Do You Know Where Your Children Are... Right Now? hitch hiker
2000 People Lead Such Important Lives Justin
2000 In My Skin Music Video Key Grip / Gaffer
2000 Twelfth of Never Music Video Production Assistant
2000 Reality PA / Slave (actor)
2000 Weekend Warriors Justin Mason
2000 Clarence Homo Sapien Mick
2001 Sexual Predator The Hiker
2001 An American Sasquatch in Heat camper
2002 Rock'n with Satan Ricky Steele
2002 The Dirty Mime Dirty Mime
2003 The Knife Jean-Paul
2003 The Beautiful Jerk Justin
2003 Steven's Room Art Direction / PA
2004 Neo-Con: The Age of Treason Jamie / Direction / Story