Adam Starr

Adam Starr won an Emmy Award in 2002 for Lighting in a television commercial for the Museam of Fine Arts.       Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer, Adam Starr’s work has been showcased on every major television network, several cable stations and even aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships. It has also played theatrically in venues ranging from grungy underground film festivals to every major theater chain worldwide. He has shot music videos for Country, Hip-Hop, Gothic, and Pop artists including work for the group Sister Sledge (We are Family). Shooting on 35mm film, HiDef, DV or whatever is required, Adam’s attention to quality, creativity and innovation have continued to set his work apart.
      Adam's primary interests are cinematography, visual effects and direction, but has enjoyed several small stints as an actor. Adam's films are often characterized by their extreme post-modern slant (a characteristic that Adam likes to deny) and their fascination with the destructive vices of the film's characters. During time spent away from the cameras, lights and computers, Adam labors for several social reform organizations.
      Focusing a spotlight on the world has always been a main concern of Adam’s. Adam recently created the online community “”, a social awareness organization using video and multimedia to spread awareness on topics ranging from self-actualization to political activity. Adam has also been working for the past 3 years on fundraising for an active midwife clinic in Guatemala.
      Adam also is involved in the design, building and lighting of haunted houses.

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1995 Willie Director / DP / Editor
1996 Live in Peace Music Video Prop Master
1997 Lost Cause Director / DP / Editor
1997 Discovery Channel:"Firewalker" Camera / Assistant to Director
1998 Head Master DP / Editor
1998 Trabajo DP / Editor / Digital FX
1998 Discovery Channel:"Bigfoot" Camera / Assistant to Director
1999 Feelers Director / DP / Editor
1999 Alcoholica Cinematographer
1999 Discovery Channel:"Last of the Neanderthals" Second Unit Producer
2000 Do You Know Where Your Children Are... Right Now? Cinematographer / Lighting
2000 People Lead Such Important Lives Director / DP / Story
2000 In My Skin Music Video Producer / Director / DP
2000 Twelfth of Never Music Video Cinematographer
2000 Weekend Warriors Director / DP / Editor
2000 Clarence Homo Sapien DP / Editor / FX
2001 Sexual Predator Director / DP / Editor / FX
2001 Cider Jack's B-Movie DP
2001 An American Sasquatch in Heat DP, Editor
2002 Rock'n with Satan Co-director / DP / Editor / FX
2002 The Dirty Mime DP / Editor
2003 The Knife Director / DP / Editor
2003 The Beautiful Jerk DP / Editor
2003 Steven's Room 2nd DP / 2nd Editor / Effects / Evil Narrator
2004 Neo-Con: The Age of Treason Direction / Cinematography / Visual Effects