Mr. Depew got his start in community theatre with such notable parts as Matthew Brady in Inherit the Wind and Robert in Proof and about a dozen more. He has won two EMACT awards. He has also about 20 Independent films to his credit. Most notable include Normaís Scent and Terminal Conversation. Both films did well winning at several Film festivals. CO2 is his second film as director. The first being 27 Down which he also co-wrote and produced and is currently being reviewed by several distributors.

Filmmaking is my passion in life. Iím 61 but when I am acting or directing I feel like Iím 21. My only regret is not starting earlier in my life.

CO2 marks the second time John and Adam Starr have worked together as director and Director of Photography. Itís rare when two distinct personalities work so well together but it just seems to happen.

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